Corona prank on Bus passengers

The student of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) made panic among her passengers in a bus with her prank, said an official one.

The IIT-M student’s prank also put the Tamil Nadu Public Health Department into a state of emergency after her co-passenger called them up.

It seems the student’s birthday is today (Saturday). After some celebrations with her friends she had boarded a private bus to Coimbatore. Her friends were following the bus in a car,” P. Sampath, Joint Director-Epidemic, Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, told IANS here.

“She had told a co-passenger seated in front of her that she was tested positive for COVID-19 three days back thereby putting him and the other passengers make into a state of fear. That person called me immediately and told about her,” Sampath said.
Soon the girl went to the driver to stop the bus which he refused and then she announced to all the passengers that she had tested positive for Coronavirus.

The bus was immediately stopped and the girl got down and boarded the friends car that was tailing.

The girl then came to the office and pleaded that she was playing a game with her friends who had challenged to stop the bus by creating a scare that she was a coronavirus patient, Sampath said.

The girl was strictly warned and sent back, it seems officials of IIT-M too had warned her, Sampath said.



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