Apple iPhone 12 going to make huge change to fend off the latest flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 20

  • The iPhone 12 is going to be released in autumn , and we are eager for the mobile and how it looks like. As now all the brands are marching towards the completely bezel-less, uninterrupted screens,
  • But iPhone is still compromising with the phone huge notch where other android brands like Samsung, Oppo, Oneplus and Huawei have moved towards punch-hole selfie cameras.
  • The Apple iPhone’s notch has its selfie camera, microphone and all the other necessary things needed for Apple’s stunning Face ID hardware.
  • However, new information from a reputable source says that Apple is going to eliminate the notch in the next generation of phones, and it also concentrated on retaining the face-id and other things available on current generation iphones
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  •  Apple is hardly working in order to reduce the notch in order to bring its screen-to-body ratio in line with upcoming flagship smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.
  • The leaker Max Weinbach, who brought us a number of Samsung news in the run-up to the release of the Samsung s20 series, has spoken about Apple’s plans in an interview with Everything on Apple. He reveals that Apple is trying to condense all the Face ID components inside a single periscope camera lens.

Full report:

  •  Apple’s front-facing Face-id hardware includes ambient light and proximity sensors, front and infrared cameras,  microphone and dot projector to read facial depth, speaker,  so its no surprising the notch has been holding out for as long as it has.
  • However, with the introduction of smaller depth sensors like the current time-of-flight sensors on rear camera array, we can expect Face ID software is going to be continuously shrinking as they constantly refines its phone’s display to bring it in line with its other flagship competitors.
  • Periscope cameras are one currently used in SAMSUNG S20 ULTRA, are set at an angle to mimic the mirrors of a periscope. If Apple is planning to incorporating multiple pieces of its existing technology into a lens like this, it would be a real success for the brand.
  • We’ll have to wait and see for the iPhone 12 to look Notchlesssss……..