Apple announces free ipad repair program for specified models: All the things you need to know

Apple announced a free repair programme for specified apple ipad  air models. They enable this program worldwide so that the apple users can repair their ipad. This programme is free of charge.

They announced this plan because some of the 3rd generation ipaad may go blank permanently. And here is all you need to know about the repair plan, eligible devices and more ….


This apple repair program is only for the 3rd genertion ipad air tablets

This plan is available for all the customers in the world since it is an world wide plan

They also said that the devices will be found defective which is manufactured from March 2019 to October 2019

The remaining models are not eligible for this free replacement programme

‘BLACK SCREEN ISSUE’, which is the reason behind this programme

Under certain circumstances the limited number of iPad air models will go blank permanently, A larger flicker or flash will appear before the screen goes blank

During the process of replacement the device will be formatted so all users are advised to take full backup before they reach the apple store for service.

And the main thing is the programme covers only the screen blank problem, physical damage will not be covered

This programme will not increase the specified warranty of the device

Programme is valid for upto two years from the date of purchase

Apple will limit repair criteria only to the region of purchase, This means that user can only use this programme when he approaches the same country apple store where he buy earlier.

iPad Air will be examined prior to any service to verify that it is eligible for this program.

backup of iPad can be done by using i cloud feature here is the steps here



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